Dorian Parks

Digital Content Creator | Owner of Geeks Of Color

What up 

Whats #AskDori?

Whats up guys! Dorian Here. Recently I started getting a few emails and dms asking about internships, college and building your brand. One person, I look up to is Gary Vaynerchuck, he always says to document the journey and give advice on what you do know. I decided to start a weekly series where I answer questions about all those topics and more. In fact, my hashtag #askDori is inspired by his series #Askgaryvee! 

I have been documenting my journey as I navigate through Hollywood as a young entrepreneur trying to pursue my dreams and spread diversity with my organization, Geeks of Color. I am so excited to add this new series to my content. I believe I have valuable advice when it comes to internship and building your brand, not only personal but business. If you don't believe me, my content speaks for itself. Check out my story or just check out my Instagram or Geeks of Color's Twitter. (That plug tho) 

I know you guys have questions so please don't hesitate to ask!